YallaGo Technologies Limited (“YallaGo!”) is aiming to be the pioneer in the tech consumer business by providing a wide range of services and the transportation sector is just the start. YallaGo! Follows a customer-centric approach and will always seek to fulfil the customers’ needs.

Our vision is based on 4 pillars

Become the best place to work for by attracting the talents together under one roof to unleash the creative spirit of the youth

Enhancing the income of our captains and stakeholders, as well as the quality of life of our customers

Seize every opportunity to serve our customers by diversifying our services. In addition, training our teams in the best practices adopted by the international players.

YallaGo! To become the brand that people trust.


Adopting high ethical standards of integrity and professionalism

Freedom of opinion and respecting the diversity of our people

Creating an environment that encourage innovation, creativity, and self-development


As YallaGo! become a service provider that provide easy, safe, and reliable service in a new modern way, this put on our shoulders the social responsibility to develop our communities and cities to the highest international standards.


We continuously seek to provide new services that consider the needs of our people.

The Only Way is Together

You have a goal, try to reach it. You have challenges, try to overcome them and turn into opportunities for your success.
At YallaGo!, we try to overcome mobility barriers and turn them into services to achieve our goals and our communities’ goals in succession.
From the beginning, we realized that goals only come true when they become part of our daily lives, but that requires more.
Sure, we have the technology. But we are still working to make YallaGo! applications a link between customers and captains to achieve their goals. We are working with communities and governments, and we need to learn from all previous experiences and from different peoples and cultures.
The only way we can do all this is to be with you on your journey.